Slewfoot 7.4 – The One About the New Season

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and we’re thankful that it’s a new Season of NHL hockey and what a start of the regular season it has been so far! There’s been a few records, there’s been lots of scoring, and there’s been some unexpected teams performing above expectations!

On the show today we talk about the first couple of days of the season, who has performed well, and who needs some improvement. 

Well – the Golden Knights, Alex Ovechkin, the Leafs, The Blackhawks, Connor McDavid, the Devils, the Avs

Not so well – the Penguins, the Habs, the Sabres, the Predators

We get into some of the signings of some young players in the league and question if the trend of paying players before they perform is a good thing. Are teams overpaying these young athletes too much, too soon? Or are they considered an investment for these teams in the long run?

We get into one of our favorite games on the Slewfoot Hockey Show, “Yes Way, No Way” – we ask each other some questions and determine if we agree or disagree with certain statements.

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Slewfoot 4.1 – A New Season

Welcome back to the Slewfoot Hockey Show – Season 4 with your favorite 2 hockey guys who hate each other’s teams…

In case it’s your first time, Fred is a Canadiens fan, Jeff is a Maple Leafs fan – together, they make for some fun, but mostly ridiculous hockey talk!

On today’s show, we discuss some of the moves that happened in the off season and where some of your favorite players landed. We don’t have the entire list, but we have a brief discussion on some moves.

For our Habs talk portion, we are very pleased to welcome to the show Fred Poulin, who is the Editor for a great Canadiens website – check out that site for some great Montreal Canadiens insight.

For Leafs Talk, we are excited to have back to our show, Andrew Forbes, who is a contributing writer for a fantastic hockey website

We thank both Fred and Andrew for spending the time to chat some preseason hockey with us, and we appreciate the insight they bring.

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Enjoy the show!

Fred and Jeff