Slewfoot 7.19 – If The Playoffs Started Today

Welcome back to the Slewfoot Hockey show and we have a jam-packed show on this episode!

We start the show by discussing what the return of the former Captain Mike Fisher, means to the Nashville Predators – will he help them get back to the Stanley Cup Finals and perhaps even help them win the Cup? Only time will tell, but it certainly doesn’t hurt…

We get into the Vegas Golden Knights and their new record – that keeps climbing. They passed the record of wins for a first year franchise and continue to re-write the record book with their stellar play. They look like the real deal and will definitely be something to talk about once the playoffs start.

25 years ago, the NHL received it’s first Commissioner – Gary Bettman. He’s been doing the job for 25 years now and we discuss what he’s done well, and what he did that wasn’t so great.

We then get into if the playoffs started today – a theme song without any lyrics…find out what the matchups would be if the playoffs began today.

We then get into who, from the teams that are not in the playoffs today, could be a trade candidate? Where could they go?

We end the show with another round of “Real Stat or Forget That” – if you want to stump or stymie Dave, send your questions to and if you stump him, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a prize!

Thanks for listening!

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