Slewfoot 7.17 – Bringer of Rancourt

Welcome to the Slewfoot Hockey Show! This week we bring you more news from around the world of hockey! We’ve added a new twist to our show – we’re now adding video of our show and will be posting it on our channel on YouTube! Check us out there to see how Dave’s moustache is looking…

This week on the show, we start by discussing the suspension of the Iron Man – Andrew Coglianao. Was it warranted, was it fair, was it the right thing to do? We then jump into the retirement of Number 88 in Philadelphia. Eric Lindros was a force on the ice – we talk about his career in Philadelphia. Next we visit the Chicago Blackhawks and their potential injury woes, we chat about long time Bruins Anthem singer Rene Rancourt, and we discuss the potential team names for the potential team in Seattle – warning, some of them are just plain awful. We discuss our player of the week, there’s some good choices and we end our show with another game of Real Stat or Forget That – our favourite game!

We hope you enjoy the show and we look forward to hearing from you! Be sure to check out our YouTube page for the latest episodes!


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