Slewfoot 7.20 – Our Math is Good

The Slewfoot Hockey Show is back and this week it’s all about our great Math skills and the Olympics!

We start the show with PK and Brendan’s little spat from Saturday night – are we finally finding out why PK was really traded? Someone wasn’t playing nicely in the sandbox…we then discuss Vinnie Lacavalier and his career with Tampa Bay, Alex Burrow’s suspension which doesn’t seem long enough, the Maple Leaf’s uniforms for one of the Stadium Series games, the Islanders comeback against the Red Wings – and with our Math, it all adds up to some pretty good math.

We give an Injury Train update, our player of the week, and we introduce our newest segment, the Slewfoot Olympic Report. We talk about the good start the Canadians had in hockey, speed skating, snowboard super-flips, and moguls.

To end the show, we tell you what new and exciting events we would like to see in upcoming Olympics – you won’t want to miss this one!

Be sure to keep sending in your questions to Stymie the Slewfoot and we’ll ask those questions next episode!

Enjoy the show! 

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