From Goalie To Geek

Please be kind.

This is my first attempt at writing a blog (on purpose at least). I have just returned from the New Media Conference, (NMX) held in Las VegasNevada to my home and native land. My head is full of so many ideas; so many juices flowing; so many feelings of down-right inadequacies. You see I just spent the weekend with thousands of geeks.

I am not a geek!

But I really want to be one!

I believe it was the bible that said “the geek shall inherit the earth.” That may be a slight misquote, but I think it is way more accurate than the real thing. I have spent the weekend as an impostor. While the masses were throwing around acronyms like S.E.O. in casual conversations, I nodded my head trying to mask the fact that my brain was trying to figure out what the hell they were talking about. Maybe we should start at the beginning.

I am a Father, Husband, Goalie, and podcaster. I have always wanted to be a broadcaster. I took broadcasting in high school. For reasons that I may reveal, if this blog lasts long enough for me to feel comfortable to tell the whole story, I was unsuccessful. I had to drop broadcasting. I always intended to get back into broadcasting, but life always got in the way. Please do not think that I am complaining about that, because I have two amazing boys and a beautiful wife. But I could never shake the fact that I was supposed to broadcast. 

Then I found out about podcasting! I heard about podcasting years ago, but never had the courage to start my own. Until the day I met Fred Anjema. We talked about my desire to broadcast, and how I wanted to start my own podcast. Fred could not figure out why I did not just do it. I knew nothing about computers! And although Fred was nowhere near as computer retarded as I was, he did not know the first this about posting a podcast to the internet. We pushed forward and the next thing I knew I was starting a podcast with Fred.

The Slewfoot Hockey Show was born! The first two years were tough sledding. One step forward and two back was the way it went for us. But behind the Mic was so much fun. I loved every minute, even if it meant each hour behind the mic meant two hours of frustration trying to figure out how to put it up on ITunes or get the right art work in the right places on our website. Then we found a lot of help on the internet from sites like and others. We had turned a corner! We had learned just enough to be dangerous!

This season we decided to take the show “to the next level” (thanks Cliff for that one) we even started doing interviews. During one of our first interviews I had to stop myself from breaking down and crying. I was finally living my dream! ( I won’t say what interview it was in. Feel free to have a listen to see if you can hear which one.  ) In a further attempt to improve we decided to go to the NMX. We thought we had gained a lot of knowledge up to that point. We had no idea!

I hope this post helps to lay the ground work and give enough background as to who I am and how I got here. This blog will be about my path to learning all things podcasting. All things Geek! I am a little late to the party, but that will make this even more fun.

I am not a geek! 

But I really want to be!

Maybe one day I will learn what this means.