A Slewfoot Study on Maple Syrup

As it’s Canada’s Birthday, the 150th Birthday in fact, I thought I’d write a little about something near and dear to my heart.

Maple Syrup.

Yep, it’s delicious, sweet, great on a bunch of things, and wouldn’t you know it, good for you too.

While I’m not an expert on all things Syrup related, I can tell you that syrup is made from the sap of Maple trees – the xylem sap in fact, and then that sap is heated to evaporate the water in the sap and what’s left over is the delicious goodness used to sweeten your waffles, pancakes (or flap-jacks), French Toast, oatmeal, donuts, cookies etc. It’s becoming more and more popular in other great foods such as bacon, popcorn and more recently, Maple Syrup flavored marshmallows (I’m not joking, they’re delicious!)

As a proud Canadian, I think it’s important that we take time to recoginize this wonderful staple of our diet. There’s so much Maple Syrup does for us and it truly does add so much to our food. 

As Canadians, we are the largest producer of this golden sweetness, with over 70% of the world’s Maple Syrup supply coming from Canada, and amounting to over $480 Million in exports. That’s lots of Maples trees, lots of vats to boil the sap, and lots of pancakes and French Toast to pour the syrup on.

Have you ever taken a sip from the bottle, poured a bit of syrup in a glass or licked the plate after you’re done your pancakes? I know you have, because if you didn’t, it would be a waste, and nobody wants to waste the leftovers on your plate. Isn’t that why we pour a little extra on our plate? The distinct flavour of Maple Syrup is very difficult to describe – it’s caramel, sugar, vanilla, toffee and awesomeness all mixed into one. Nothing else really matches the flavour of Maple. It’s unique and definitely a part of Canada that as Canadians, we should cherish and continue to keep a part of our “ness”.

When you’re out and about this Canada Day weekend, be sure to stop and take some time to cherish this Canadian food – buy a Maple Dip from your local Tim Horton’s, make some pancakes and dredge it in Maple-amazingness the morning after the fireworks, or simply “do a shot” of one of the best foods Canada has provided the world.

It’s worth it.



Holiday Hiatus – Almost over!

Dear Slewfoot Fans,

We haven’t forgotten about this, really.

We’ve went through Christmas, a couple of Outdoor hockey games that Slewfoot Jeff attended, New Year’s, and most recently, an amazing trip to Vegas for New Media Expo. That event was for me, a trip of a lifetime so far (with the exception of Disney with the family – that one is difficult to top) 

We went to several presentations, met and connected with some amazing people, ate food (we may have had some drinks) and basically developed some great ideas. We had the opportunity to met and interview the voice of the Las Vegas Wranglers, Ian Tasso who was very passionate about his team. (that interview will be played on our next Episode)

Over the next few weeks, we are going to apply what we spent hours learning about, and to me that is very exciting as well as intimidating. I am committing to writing on our blog with much more frequency, as is Jeff, which we hope will be very exciting!

Stay tuned for this week’s show – there’s a ton to talk about and we can’t wait! The World Juniors, the outdoor games, the selections of the Olympic teams (I think I called Claude Giroux’s exclusion, just sayin’) and what is up with the selection of Petr Nedved, isn’t he still Canadian? Please help me someone, I’m very confused.

Most of all, thank you, our listener and now our reader. We’ve said it before, we love doing our show and we appreciate all of your questions, comments and support!

Slewfoot Fred


1/4 Season Awards!

Hey Everyone…

As the NHL season is about a quarter of the way completed, this week we’re going to discuss our choices for some different awards including:

the MVP

Best Rookie

Best Coach

Best Goalie

I know my choices will be different than Jeff’s, so tune in to see why my choices will be the correct choices.

Thanks again for listening!