Slewfoot 7.14 – The Islander Arcade

It’s the Slewfoot Hockey Show Festive Christmas Spectacular Holiday Special!

There’s lots to talk about on the day before Christmas and we cover and chat about many topics including:

  • Players to watch during the World Junior Championships – we give you some players to look out for during the tournament.
  • Jarome Iginla – where will he end up? Is he going to the Olympic games?
  • What are some favorite things in Denmark? We need to know!
  • The Islanders have placed a bid for a new arena/ Will they have an arcade in the new arena, and if they do, what classic games will be in the arcade?
  • Auston Matthews is back for the Leafs. Who else knew he had a concussion?
  • The Golden Knights own the best Home record in the NHL. Is this a coincidence? Is the “Vegas Flu” a real thing?
  • We let you know what some NHL teams have on their Christmas list. What do they want to have to improve their team?

Give us a listen and be sure to send us your comments, questions and feedback to and Twitter – @SlewfootDave, @SlewfootFred & @SlewfootShow

Happy Holidays from us and thank you all for your support and for listening!

Dave & Fred


Slewfoot 7.13 – The Week Before!

It’s almost the Holidays and we are back with more thoughts about what happened in the world of hockey. We talk about what teams are where in the standings – there’s some teams that deserve to be there, and some that are surprisingly still hanging around. We talk about the Canadian contingent of players for the World Junior tournament coming up next week – who will be playing and what this team looks like.

We discuss the weekend festivities in Ottawa and whether or not the outdoor games in the NHL need to happen all of the time…there’s a few more this hockey season, will you be watching?

Finally, we end our show with another game of Yes Way, No Way! It’s a great game so stick around and find out our opinions to some great questions!

Thank you for listening!

Slewfoot 7.12 – Expanding the Watered Down

On this episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we talk about a potential expansion team in Seattle. Will it add to an already watered down product? We discuss what happened and what could happen to an already watered down product.

We have preliminary discussions about the upcoming NHL All Star game, and who some of the top voted for players are so far – there’s lots of time to vote for your favourite player – it doesn’t matter if they deserve to be there or not…is the All Star game becoming watered down as well?

We discuss the latest of what went down at the Board of Governors meeting this past week, we talk about Matthew Tkachuk’s latest shenanigans, and we let you know who has been invited to the Team Canada and Team USA World Junior Championship camps – a camp to determine who will represent their team at the World Junior Championships starting in a few week’s time.

Will Erik Karlsson be traded? We discuss some of the comments made on HNIC last evening and if that would be a possibility to move the Captain out of town.

We end the show by giving you some great stocking stuffer ideas for the hockey player on your list! There’s some good ideas so be sure to take some notes!

Thanks you all for listening, enjoy your week and please send your comments and questions!


Slewfoot 7.11 – The Red Wing Blues

After a very difficult Red Wings loss last night, Dave and Fred are back to talk some more hockey, specifically about the Habs dismantling of the Red Wings in Montreal.

We discuss at length what went wrong with the Red Wings last night. Did they show up? Was Montreal just much better? It wasn’t even close and it was a very big 4 points for the Habs this weekend.

We discuss the milestone that Daniel Sedin hit last week, 1000 points for his career is a very big milestone for him and congratulations to him for achieving it.

We move on to the Injury Train and discuss some of the injuries around the league, specifically what is happening with goalies and the injuries to them.

We then move on to “Real Stat or Forget That” – it’s a close one this week, one you won’t want to miss! (We may talk a bit more about the Red Wings and their misery)

Thank you for listening, be sure to send us a message with your comments!