Slewfoot 7.7 – It’s Spooky Again in Here

Halloween is coming up again and it’s another Slewfoot Hockey Show where we talk about some spooky things happening around the NHL.
Today’s show kicks off with a discussion about how scary brutal the Coyotes have been and what we can do to fix that team. They equaled a mark of futility on Saturday night and it was very spooky. The Coyotes need to improve what they are doing as they should be a better team than what they are.

We then get into what the fans are doing in Montreal. Is it fair to them to be “Bronx-cheering” their team? Should they be careful how they’re treating their superstar goalie?

We then get into how the Canada has picked their Pre-Olympic Hockey team. Are the spooky enough to scare any other teams in that tournament? Or will they not be a very good team?

Alex Galchenyuk has had stories circulating around him all week – find out what they are and if there is any fire to the smoke being circulated around Montreal.

We finally get into a spooky version of “Yes Way, No Way” – Dave needs to win this to stay close in the standings, of which there are none, but can he answer all of the questions correctly? It’s so spooky, it’s scary.

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Enjoy the show!

Slewfoot 7.6 – Greatest Moments, Habs & Gord

Dave and Fred are back this week with lots to talk about including the NHL’s Greatest Moments, what’s ailing the Habs and our tribute to Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip.

We start the show with the NHL’s Greatest Moments – there are several to choose from and the NHL has widdled it down to 64 moments in which we, the hockey fans of the world, get to vote on which moment is the best. We discuss some of these moments, some that aren’t on the list, and the moment that should win.

We discuss some more Top Shelf News, the news of the week around the NHL and let you know what stories caught our attention.

Want the Habs issues to be fixed? Don’t worry, we have the solutions right here! After a horrendous start, we give our thoughts on what the Habs need to stop doing, and what they need to start doing to turn this season around. We Fix the problems on our show, so make sure you’re listening Geoff Molson!

Last but certainly not least, we discuss the passing of Gord Downie and what he meant to us as Canadians, hockey fans, and music fans. His legacy will live on with all of the amazing music he and the rest of the band made over the years, as well as with the charities and foundations he started to help others. A truly remarkable human being and a person that will be missed.

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Slewfoot 7.5 – The One Where Fred Wins

Dave and Fred are back this week for another exciting and adventurous episode!

We’re a week and half into the season and of course, we are overreacting to everything that is happening around the NHL! 

We kick things off with some Top Shelf news and specifically we get into who is playing well, and who needs to spend a bit more time on the practice ice.  There’s a few teams that have struggled out of the gate (New York, Montreal, Dallas, Buffalo) and a few that have started the season off very well (New Jersey, Colorado, Chicago, Toronto)

We take a tour around the league on the Injury Train – an exciting but dangerous ride to be sure, but we wish nothing but the best for the new passengers on the Train.

We discuss Buffalo and Arizona’s frustrations so far this season and some of their leaders speaking out about their situations.

We end the show by playing one of favorite games – “Real Stat or Forget That” – find out who wins this round – the first round of this season – although the title gives it away.

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Slewfoot 7.4 – The One About the New Season

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and we’re thankful that it’s a new Season of NHL hockey and what a start of the regular season it has been so far! There’s been a few records, there’s been lots of scoring, and there’s been some unexpected teams performing above expectations!

On the show today we talk about the first couple of days of the season, who has performed well, and who needs some improvement. 

Well – the Golden Knights, Alex Ovechkin, the Leafs, The Blackhawks, Connor McDavid, the Devils, the Avs

Not so well – the Penguins, the Habs, the Sabres, the Predators

We get into some of the signings of some young players in the league and question if the trend of paying players before they perform is a good thing. Are teams overpaying these young athletes too much, too soon? Or are they considered an investment for these teams in the long run?

We get into one of our favorite games on the Slewfoot Hockey Show, “Yes Way, No Way” – we ask each other some questions and determine if we agree or disagree with certain statements.

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