Slewfoot 7.2 – The One About the West

On this episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, it’s all about the West and the Western Conference!

We start off this episode talking about Top Shelf News – the subjects we cover today are:

1: There’s a new Sheriff in town! George Parros is the new guy trying to keep all of the players safety – so he’s dealing with player safety issues. We talk about what he’s done so far. 

2: All of the penalties being called in the pre-season. We know you’re trying things out, but come on NHL! This is getting ridiculous!

3: The Canadiens slow start. It all doesn’t matter, it’s the pre-season.

4: Some of the rookies sticking around – how long will they last? When do they get sent down?

We then start our tour of the Western Conference. Who reigns supreme in the Pacific? Does Edmonton continue their rise to the top? Does Anaheim continue their history of strong play? How has Calgary improved their team and can the new guys in Vegas be better than the Canucks in Vancouver? 

In the Central, which is potentially the strongest division in hockey, there is Chicago, who is looking to avenge their early playoff exit from last season. There are the Wild, Preds, Blues, Satrs (who have improved greatly) and the Jets who are strong candidates for playoff positions. There’s always going to be bottom dwellers, and there’s a few teams that will continue to have that position of shame again this season.

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Episode 7.1 – The One About Last Season

We are back and discussing what happened last season in the NHL!

We run down our Top 10 Most Important things that happened in the NHL last season and Off-Season, from Connor McD to the Nashville Predators to the Detroit Red Wings and their playoff streak coming to an end.

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We’ll be sure to get that discussion going!

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