Slewfoot 3.37 – Finally, it’s the Finals!

Finally, it’s the Finals. It all comes down to this – the 2 teams that have outlasted all of the others. The 2 teams that have managed to scrape and claw and fight to get here. The Stanley Cup Finals are here and we finally have the 2 teams that will play for it all.

The defending Champions from Pittsburgh, the Penguins vs. the team that squeaked into the playoffs, the Predators from Nashville.

On today’s show, we review how each team made it this far, who to watch for during the series, who will sing the National Anthems, and who will win it all. 

We also play a game of “Real Stat or Forget That” the Stanley Cup Final Edition – stick around to see who wins this one!

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Slewfoot 6.36 – A Yellow Final?

We’re still in the 3rd Round of the playoffs and both the West and the East Finals have not been decided. Dave and Fred are back again this week to chat about what’s been happening in both series, who is getting hurt, who is doing the scoring, singing the national anthems and much, much more.

We give our predictions as to who will be in the Stanley Cup Finals – it could be very Yellow.

We also dive into what happened at the World Championships of hockey…yawn.

Thanks for listening, enjoy the show! 

Slewfoot 6.35 – Third Round Regalement

On this episode of the show, Dave and Fred are back for some Third Round Regalement. The two series left are very entertaining and should provide some great hockey over the next few weeks.

Will Ottawa have what it takes to overcome a powerful Penguins squad? Will Pittsburgh be able to overcome even more injuries? Do we have to cheer for the Senators as they’re the only Canadian Team left in the playoffs?

As far as the Anaheim and Nashville series is concerned, this one is getting interesting. Shots are being fired by both sides and the competition is heating up. Does the battle of the “Ryans” get even more intense? Can the Preds remain unbeaten at home? Is Keith Urban a great singer or what?

Find out all of this and more on this week’s show! 

Slewfoot 6.34 – Round 2 Continues

Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs continues with only one series decided so far. There’s still more games to play in the round and we are back this week to talk about what’s happening in all of the series. Will there be a Game Seven in more Round 2 series than just the Edmonton/Anaheim series?

Listen to what we have to say about our playoff pool – who’s in the lead, who has players left, who can catch who etc. It’s getting closer to crunch time!

We close out the show with a little MVP talk and who might claim the trophy for this year’s playoff MVP – a little premature maybe, but we have some discussion about who has been impressive so far.

Thanks for listening!