Slewfoot 6.32 – First Round Revelry

Fred and Dave are back for a recap of the (almost) completed First Round of the NHL Playoffs.

While we were recording this episode, the only series undecided was the Washington – Toronto series and we lament they fact that the Leafs are still hanging around. Maybe we were just upset that the series wasn’t swept? 

We discuss the woes of Chicago, Montreal, Minnesota, San Jose, Boston, Columbus, & Calgary and what they didn’t do to make it past the first round. Maybe it was their goaltending, their lack of scoring, their collision with a another team on a hot streak – whatever the case may be, all of these teams are done again until next season.

So our predictions for the 2nd Round:

Nashville v. St. Louis – we both said Nashville in 6 games

Anaheim v. Edmonton – we both said Anaheim in 6 games

New York v. Ottawa – we both said New York in 6 games

Pittsburgh v. (what we presume will be) Washington – Fred said Washington in 7, Dave said Pittsburgh in 7

Let us know what you think!

Enjoy the show! 

Slewfoot 6.31 – No Leaf Love!

The Slewfoot Hockey Show is back and we’re almost half way through the 1st Round of the playoffs already!

We are not giving the Leafs any love in this episode, as we think they’re still not the team to beat, however is the President’s Trophy Curse really a thing?

We go over all of the series so far, and give our thoughts on some of the surprises, disappointments and amazing games we’ve seen so far. There’s been some great series so far and we’re looking forward to many more exciting games!

Be sure to send your comments and questions about the playoff series to and we’d love to connect with you!

Enjoy the hockey and the show!

Slewfoot 6.30 – Playoff Fever!

It’s the Playoff Preview on this week’s Episode!

Finally, all of the playoff pairings are set and we look into each match up and give you our predictions for each of the series. We’ve been wrong most of the season, so we’ll be wrong again in the post season too!

It was “Black Monday” in the NHL as well, and we tell you what we think about the coaching changes in Dallas, in Vancouver and in Florida – although we just missed all of the changes in Los Angeles – that happened right when we finished recording…

It was a huge night in Detroit, and we talk about the last game ever in Detroit at the Joe Louis Arena. It was an amazing “retirement” that hosted so many great events since 1979 and it’ll be missed by many fans!

 We have our 1st ever Slewfoot Playoff Pool – simply send us a message to and we’ll get you all set up for the pool – you can pick your team and whomever has the most points at the end of the playoffs, wins!

For or all of those interested, here’s the teams we picked to win each series in the 1st Round and the total number of games so that we can be incorrect, again.

Eastern Conference:

Montreal vs. New York: Fred – Montreal in 6, Dave – Montreal in 6

Ottawa vs. Boston: Fred – Ottawa in 6, Dave – Boston in 7

Washington vs. Toronto: Sorry Leafs Nation – we both said Washington in 4

Pittsburgh vs. Columbus: Fred – Columbus in 7, Dave – Pittsburgh in 7

Western Conference:

Chicago vs. Nashville: Fred – Nashville in 7, Dave – Chicago in 6

Minnesota vs. St. Louis: Fred – St. Louis in 7, Dave – Minnesota in 6

Anaheim vs. Calgary: Fred – Anaheim in 6, Dave – Calgary in 7

Edmonton vs. San Jose: Fred – Edmonton in 7, Dave – Edmonton in 6

Stanley Cup Champions: Fred – Nashville, Dave – Washington

Can you do better? Send us a message! Let us know on Twitter!

Enjoy the show!



Slewfoot 6.29 – Playoff Countdown

Fred and Dave are back and they are getting pumped for the playoffs!

On this week’s show we discuss the almost completed Western Conference, where almost everyone has punched their ticket to the post season. Now all that is left is who the dance partners will be – something we’ll get more clarity on once this week is done!

The Eastern Conference is much closer and there are 4 or 5 teams still searching for the final 3 spots that are up for grabs – it’s going to be a very exciting week with many teams playing each other for those precious points needed to make the playoffs. 

The Injury Train stops by a few more NHL cities this week – this could impact a few playoff contender’s position in the playoffs, or it could determine if they actually do make the playoffs.

We close out the show with another Round of “Yes Way, No Way”, the game that we play where none of the answers are incorrect.

Be sure to join our Slewfoot Playoff Hockey Pool – send a message to for more information if you would like to join.

Thanks for listening!

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