Slewfoot 6.28 – Rules of the Bus

This week on the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we discuss the sudden change in the style of hockey that Sidney Crosby played this week. Was it dirty? Aggressive? Or is it payback from the past? We’ve got some theories!

How about the goaltending “situation” in Toronto? is it a long term injury that Mr. Andersen sustained on the weekend? Will that hurt the Leafs chances of making the post season or progressing past the first round?

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We end the show with a round of “Real Stat or Forget That” – can Dave make a comeback from his poor showing the last time we played?

Find out here! Enjoy the show!

Slewfoot 6.27 – Green is Not Your Jersey Colour

On this episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we discuss what we thought of the Green St. Pat Jersey the Maple Leafs wore in their latest game. Needless to say, we were not impressed.

We talk about the 2017 Scotiabank NHL 100 Classic which will be taking place on Dec. 17, 2017 in Ottawa – this is part of the 100 Year Anniversary of the NHL and will commemorate the first NHL game played.

We discuss yet another record set by the ageless Jaromir Jagr – he surpassed Gordie Howe for another record and will be aiming for another in the next five seasons. Good Luck Jaromir!

It seems that Gary Bettman is making his way around some of the arenas in the NHL, specifically with stops in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa. He mentioned that Calgary could probably stand to have a newer arena other than the Saddledome as it has become “old and antiquated”. What do you think?

We get into who is in the playoffs, who is on the outside and who has a chance to still make the post-season. It could come down to the last few games played!

We announce the 1st Annual Slewfoot Hockey Show playoff pool. If you’d like a chance to play and to win an opportunity to record a live show with Dave and I, please send a message to and we’ll get you the information to enter the pool. The more the merrier!

Finally, we end the show with a game of “Yes Way, No Way” – Dave scores much better this time around!

Thank you for listening!

Slewfoot 6.26 – Orange Aid

On this episode of the show, we think the NHL should just bite the bullet and find a new home for Arizona. We also talk about what coaching changes may be happening in the off season – Dallas, Colorado, Philadelphia, Winnipeg? Who knows who could be next?

We talk about San Jose forward Joe Thornton’s milestone 1000th point. Why wouldn’t he choose to live back home in the off season? There’s a beach close by, and at that beach there’s the fries and of course, the Orange Aid (or Orangeade)  

The Injury Train makes an appearance again on the show – find out who’s aboard this time. We end the show with another round of “Real Stat or Forget That” – find out how Dave does this week! You’ll be shocked at the result!

Enjoy the show!

Slewfoot 6.25 – How’s That Trade Working Out?

On this week’s show, we check in with some of the players that were moved at the NHL Trade Deadline and see how they’re fitting in with their new teams – who doing well, and who is struggling so far (very small amount of games, we know)

We review the NHL standings and see where all the teams are with around 18 games to go before the playoffs start – who gets in? Who will be golfing early?

We check in with PK Subban and what he was doing on his return to Montreal this past week – there needs to be more people like him in the world!

We also talk abounis-logo-2016ut the Unis Flyers in the Eredivisie of the Dutch Hockey League – they recently won the National Championship for the 2nd Consecutive Year and are currently in the playoffs. A quick look at European Hockey!




We round out the show with another edition of “Yes Way, No Way”  – our game where everyone wins because all of the answers are correct!

Thanks for listening!