Slewfoot 6.23 – Montreal Coaching Musical Chairs and Wacky Suspensions

The week on the show Montreal played a version of musical chairs for their Head Coach position and we discuss the two

wacky suspensions that happened this week in the NHL.

First, after only a week of being unemployed, former Boston Bruin Head Coach, and perhaps the best coach in Bruin history, Claude Julien, was hired by Boston’s former Adams Division rival, the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal GM Marc Bergevin relieved Head Coach Michel Therrien of his duties on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and hired Julien, one of the league’s best, and certainly the best bilingual coach available. This certainly shocked a number of “hockey people”, teams, Montreal players and fans alike and arguably put the Habs back into Stanley Cup contention, although they haven’t played like that in the past few weeks. Julien will bring his skill set back to Montreal for a second go-around – ironically replacing Therrien for the second time. That’s gotta sting a bit doesn’t it?

The next question is this: If Montreal and Marc Bergevin, who were sitting in first place in the Atlantic Division, have the cajones to make that sort of a move when they’re in first place in the division, what are they going to do at the trade deadline on March 1st? Are they truly “All In” to try to bring a championship to the Centre of the Hockey Universe? The game of Coaching Musical Chairs has been played, let’s see if it they’re done and if bringing in Julien works for the Habs.

We also discuss the two suspensions handed out by the NHL this week – first to Gustav Nyquist of the Detroit Red Wings who nearly poked Minnesota Wild forward Jared Spurgeon’s eye out of his head. For this infraction, which Nyquist claims was accidental, he received a 6 game suspension. We also have Anaheim forward Antoine Vermette who, in a moment of utter bizarre frustration, slashed linesman Shandor Alphonso on the legs after losing a faceoff. For this, he received an automatic  10 game suspension. 

Nyquist – 6 games for nearly taking out someone’s eye vs. Vermette – 10 games for slashing an official

Anything seem a bit off to you on this one?

We discuss some milestones set by the ageless Jaromir Jagr and Sidney Crosby, as well as some honours for the ther late great Pat Quinn in Vancouver and some honorees for Legends Row in Toronto.

We end the show with another round of “Yes Way, No Way” in which we compete for a fantastic prize…

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Slewfoot 6.22 – Hockey Grammys

This week on the show, it’s Grammy Award time, and since we were not nominated in any category, we compensate by adding a few past classics into the show. It’s the Hockey Grammys!

There’s been a coaching change in Boston and we discuss why that happened and why the Bruins parted ways with perhaps the best coach in Boston history.

We talk about the legacy of Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch, who passed away this week at age 87. We discuss what he meant to Detroit and what he did for the city he loved.

There’s some more trade rumors in the NHL this week and we talk more about where some of the big fish could end up. It’s still a waiting game and who knows where some of these players will end up.

We close out the show this week with “Real Stat or Forget That” – this week we quiz each other on our teams. Dave has questions about Montreal, and Fred has questions about Detroit. It’s a game you won’t want to miss!

Send us your thoughts about the trade deadline or about what your favorite Grammy winning song was…send your comments or questions to

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Slewfoot 6.21 – Yeo, Who’s Your Team Tradin’?

This Episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we discuss the dismissal of Ken Hitchcock for Mike Yeo in St Louis. Will Hitch find another job in hockey? How well will Yeo perform? 

We discuss some trades that happened this week, who went where, and who we think might go to some Canadian Teams prior to the trade deadline.

We also discuss relocation plans for Arizona and maybe the Islanders. Should they stay or should they go? Where would you hate for your favorite team to relocate to? Let us know at

We end the show with another round of Yes Way, No Way – the game without any rules…

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