Slewfoot 6.20 – Top 100 Players & All Stars

Who are the Top 100 Player in NHL History? On this episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we reveal all of them! Some of them we’ve never seen play, and some we have. We both agree that the Top 100 Players were all special and deserve to be on that list for what they’ve done for and in the game.

top 100

It was All-Star game weekend and we talk about what happened over the weekend and how for us, it was a disappointment. Not for lack of trying, there just wasn’t too much excitement!

We end the show with another round of “Real Stat or Forget That” – stick around to see who wins!

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Slewfoot 6.19 – What’s Your Goalie Wearing?

On this Episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we take some time to address the pants the goalies of the NHL are wearing for protection against the frozen rubber shot at them on a daily basis. We talk about what is needed and what is unnecessary with their equipment and the rule change coming next month with the size of the goalie’s pants (or shorts) being addressed.

goalie shorts

We dive into the coaching change that happened in Long Island (or Brooklyn, to be more precise) and what we think of that change. Does Jack Capuano find a new job soon? Will he end up in the desert?

We also look at some of the festivities happening during the All-Star weekend. What the competitions might look like, who might be participating and what the NHL mascots will be doing on that weekend. That’s right, the mascots.

We end the show with another round of “Yes Way, No Way” as we discuss more of who looks good to make the playoffs – maybe.

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Slewfoot 6.18 – Washington Capital Punishment & First Half Review

On this week’s episode, Fred & Dave look at the Washington Capitals and the Capital Punishment they are handing out to the rest of the NHL. The Caps are on a lengthy winning streak and are beginning to develop into a contender for the Stanley Cup as they currently sit in first overall in the NHL – the Capitals are a very good team!

From there, they dive more deeply into the NHL All Star selections and the representatives of each conference that will be at the All Star game January 28 & 29, 2017. They give their opinions on what each team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as some of the snubs from this year’s selections.

They discuss a couple of retirements from hockey this week, and then get into a discussion about the first half of the NHL season. They talk about some surprises and disappointments and give their thoughts on who the award winners should be for the first half of the season.

Fred & Dave end the show with another round of “Real Stat or Forget That” – the NHL All Star edition. We look at some statistics from the history of the NHL All Star games of the past and determine if the stat is real or made up.

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Slewfoot 6.17 – Lambastings and All Stars

The Slewfoot Hockey Show is back for 2017!

In this episode Fred & Dave cover many different topics around the world of hockey, including Patrick Laine receiving the biggest check, and that’s the biggest body check, that he’s ever received as a pro. We discuss what happened and what he should do to avoid such calamity again.

We discuss why noone should step in front of a Shea Weber slapshot, we give our opinions on the World Junior tournament and we cover the recent selection of the All Star Game Captains. We go into additional detail discussing who will be on the team when it’s played in L.A. at the end of January.

We end the show with a game of “Yes Way, No Way” and give some opinions on what should happen in 2017.

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