Slewfoot 6.16 – A Wild Blue Jacket Streak

On this, our last show of 2016, we chat about the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jacket winning streaks! They have been playing very good hockey and have a combined 26 game winning streak – something that hasn’t been done in quite some time! Look out New Year’s Eve, someone’s streak will come to an end that night as they play each other in Minnesota. Who will it be? The Wild or the now first place Blue Jackets?

columbus     VS     minnesota

We also discuss what injuries occurred in the past few weeks, and we spend some time covering the World Junior Championships and some of the performances from the first few days of the tournament. We look at some of the top performances as well as few disappointments.

We end the show by giving you our top 5 moments of 2016, surprisingly, Dave’s number one has to do with a surprising first place team, while Fred’s has to do with a fateful day and a trade back in June.

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Fred & Dave

Slewfoot 6.15 – Slewfoot Christmas Show

This Episode is our Christmas Spectacular – we are very excited the holidays are coming and with that, there are many holiday traditions that come with this time of year, including the World Junior Hockey Championships, being held in Toronto and Montreal this year.

canadaWe preview some of the players and Team Canada who will be in tough this tournament, and we also discuss some of the stars that will be showcasing their talents at the tournament. (a Hockey Scout’s Dream tournament!)



We discuss Carey Price’s 250th Career victory and the events that led up to the career milestone – including what Don Cherry had to say about it – he was steamed!

We finish off the show by playing another round of “Real Stat or Forget That” – World Junior Edition. Don’t miss it!

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We want to wish you and yours all of the best this holiday season and we hope you all stay safe and enjoy this time of year!

Merry Christmas from the Slewfoot Hockey Show

Fred & Dave

Jingle Bells Kevin MacLeod (
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Christmas Music “Wish Background” – courtesy of: Kevin MacLeod

Slewfoot 6.14 – No Peace on Earth or Goodwill Towards Men

This Episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we are getting ready for the holidays but there wasn’t Peace on Earth or Goodwill Towards Men this week in the NHL! It was downright nasty!

We discuss some of the disagreements some players had over the past week including:

McDavid vs. Manning, Price vs. Palmerri, Emelin vs. Colborne, Hall vs. Larsen & Cherry vs. The World 

We discuss some of the things Don Cherry had to say on the Coach’s Corner this week and the Injury Train makes a few stops to some more NHL Arenas.

We bring you what some NHL General Managers have on their Christmas Wish-Lists – there’s definitely some things that some GM’s will want to help make their team better this holiday season!

And as a Public Service, we’ll let you know what foods to avoid this holiday season when your family and friends are gathered for the feast! You won’t want to miss this!


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Christmas Music playing in the background is the following:

Christmas Music “Wish Background” – courtesy of: Kevin MacLeod

Slewfoot 6.13 – Firing the Coach

This Episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we discuss the firing of Florida panther Head Coach Gerard Gallant – a smart move by Florida? We think not…

We also chat about why teams do not like travelling to the West Coast to face Anaheim, San Jose and LA – specifically the Montreal Canadiens. What makes it so difficult? Why do teams have difficulty playing there?

We discuss the continued success that the Rookies are having this season and the impact they are having on the NHL. From Laine, to Matthews, Marner, McDavid and more, the youngsters are having fantastic seasons!

We find out who has jumped on board the injury train, and we finish off the show by playing a new game – “Real Stat or Forget That” – a game where we present real life stats, true or made up, we have to guess what they are!

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