Slewfoot 6.12 – the Golden Knights and the Injury Train

On this episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, Fred and Dave discuss the unveiling of the new NHL franchise in Vegas – the Golden Knights! They discuss the name, the logo and colours of the logo, and possible players that could be making their way to the Golden Knights next season. Good luck Golden Knights!

golden-knights-logo1The Vegas Golden Knights Logo

Next we discuss the rash of injuries that have been taking down many players in the NHL. The injury train is making the rounds and picking up players from all around the league! All aboard!

We also discuss some of the surprises and disappointments of the season so far – 1/4 into the season and there are definitely some teams and players that have both surprised and disappointed the masses.

We round out the show by playing the always-popular “Yes Way – No Way” game. Don’t miss it!

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Slewfoot Hockey Show – Hall of Fame Weekend!

This week’s episode we focus on the Hockey Hall of Fame Weekend and the inductees entering the Hall. Congrats to Rogie Vachon, Sergei Makarov, Pat Quinn & his Family & th Big E – Eric Lindros.

All had great careers and none more interesting than Eric Lindros, a superstar and a great hockey player who’s career was cut short with hits like this one:

We also discuss the re-signing of Jacob Trouba in Winnipeg, the great Finnish Rookie Patrik Laine, who may be heading to the Hall of Fame someday himself…

We finish off the show with another interview with a potential replacement for Don Cherry – don’t miss this one!

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Slewfoot Hockey Show – Nazem Kadri vs. the NHL

On this week’s Episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we talk about Nazem Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs and all of the press he is receiving of late – his battles with Connor McDavid that irked Don Cherry on the Coach’s Corner, and more recently, the hit heard from Coast to Coast – was it dirty? Was it clean? Was it late or just in time…we talk about what happened. To see that hit, check out this video:

We also talk about the Montreal Canadiens and their winning streak coming to a very abrupt end in Columbus – a 10-0 drubbing at the hands of the Blue Jackets, and that cannon! If I never hear that cannon ever again, it will be too soon…

We also discuss the NHL’s annual campaign and partnership with the Hockey Fights Cancer Campaign from October 18 to November 18, 2016. Be sure to check out the link below for more details and to help a great and worthy cause.


In case you missed it, Arizona’s Max Domi dominated this fight below. Poor Ryan Kesler, he still thinks it last Tuesday.

Here’s the Max Domi rap song we play on the show…Max should have that play when he scores, when he fights, when he does anything in Arizona!

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