Slewfoot Hockey Show – the Halloween Spooktacular

This episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show is our annual Halloween Spooktacular where we scare ourselves, more than anyone else, and get into the “spirit” of Halloween!


We discuss how the Montreal Canadiens have been frightening for their opposition and what has made them so scary this season. We also chat about the monstrous return of Sidney Crosby, the chances of some of the young players in the NHL and if they’ll stay with their big club or be returned the horrors of the AHL or CHL (it’s probably not all that horrific…)

We lose our heads playing another round of “Yes Way, No Way” and we have a spooky treat in which we give you our “Most Frightening NHL Team” of all time…don’t miss that Trick, it’s a real Treat! 

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Slewfoot Hockey Show – We Can’t Hold a Lead!

On this week’s Episode we dive deeper into the woes of Leaf Nation and why they can’t hold a lead! What are the problems they are having, and what can they do to stop letting it happen.

We also discuss the Heritage Classic in Winnipeg between Edmonton and Winnipeg and talk about the Alumni game that took place as well.

We have a new segment this week called “Don Cherry’s Replacement Interviews” – while we’re not suggesting Don Cherry should be replaced, we thought we’d give the CBC some help for when they need a replacement for Don Cherry – You’re Welcome CBC.

We round out the show with another game of Yes Way, No Way and are very excited that Jaromir Jagr has made it back to that segment! We love that guy!

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Slewfoot Hockey Show – The NHL Season Begins!

It’s been an adventurous start to the NHL season – only a few games into the season and we’re planning parade routes, deciding who’s going to be in the playoffs at the end of the season and so on and so forth. That’s the best part of the new season – you’ve got players that fly out of the gate, some that don’t, and some that are injured. Every team has their challenges, and every team tries to get off to that quick start to ensure they’re still around to play more hockey in the spring when the playoffs start!

On this episode we bring you our thoughts on who’s started off well – the players that have impressed the hockey world so far and the players who we think will have an impressive season based on the very small sample size of two games played.

We also discusbaldys some of the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs and their Top 100 players from the past – it’s quite an interesting list with some controversial placement of the players asd some players we’ve never heard of – right Baldy?  To see the full list, check it out here:



We also talk about more injuries that have hit the NHL this week – many players are going down with injury, not stretching before they play, crashing into the boards, falling awkwardly etc. Be careful out there fellas!

We finish off the show with some feedback and then play a fantastic game of “Yes Way, No Way!”

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Slewfoot Hockey Show – Metropolitan Review

This week on the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we review the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference. We also discuss the changes that have been happening in the city of Edmonton – their new Captain (yep, that guy below), the trade they made, and the players they picked up – a busy week in Edmonton.


We also talk about the injuries we have seen so far in the NHL, some of the players injured are key players and could be difficult for the team to deal with.

We also give our predictions for who will make the playoffs and who will be on the outside looking in!

Fred’s pick for the Stanley Cup – the Nashville Predators


Dave’s pick for the Stanley Cup – the San Jose Sharks


Who will be correct? Probably neither of us, but it’s fun to guess!

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