Slewfoot 5.4 – Yes Way – Norway!

On this episode, Fred & Jeff discuss the new coach hiring of Torts in Columbus and try to determine if he can take them to the playoffs. They also discuss the Evander Kane situation and what they really fell about him.

Thank you to all of our listeners, especially our Norwegian listeners. We have a special treat for you on today’s episode! We’ll have another great Yes Way/No Way segment – that’s No Way, not Norway…

This also marks the last episode Jeff will be co-hosting with Fred. He is a very busy fellow and can’t commit the time to the show that he would like to. So, until we find a new co-host, Fred will be flying solo for the next few weeks. Thanks for being a part of the show Jeff, we’ll have you on again soon!

Thank you for listening everyone!

Slewfoot 5.3 – The NHL Season is Here!

After the first week of the NHL Season, there have been many winners, losers, disappointments & surprises.

Give a listen to discover what Fred and Jeff have to say about the beginning of the season and who has surpassed expectations, and failed miserably so far.

They discuss the Leafs, the fantastic start by the Habs, and play the always fun “Yes Way, No Way” game.

Be sure to send us a message with your questions and comments!

Thanks for listening!

Slewfoot 5.2 – “Lines” Crossed and Being Used

On this Episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show the boys are back again for their own brand of hockey talk.

On Top Shelf News, Jeff and Fred discuss the suspensions of both Zach Kassian and Raffi Torres, who both crossed different lines to earn those suspensions. They also discuss the types of lines some players are using and the rumoured cocaine issues the NHL may be having.

They discuss the start of the season as the Leafs host the Habs in Habs talk and Leafs talk and they give their predictions for the upcoming season.

Prepare yourself for another exciting “Yes Way/No Way’ segment and be sure to let us know how you feel when Jeff Tweets some of those “Yes Way/No Way” questions out!

Thanks for listening!

Slewfoot 2015/16 Canadiens Preview

Here’s a special Slewfoot 2015/16 Montreal Canadiens Preview!

Image result for montreal canadiens

The 2015/16 Canadiens look very similar to last year’s team with a few changes, hopefully for the better, on offence. The team is very solid from the net out, starting with the best goaltender in the known universe.

Listen in to see what the boys have to say about the Habs changes for this season.