Class Acts all Around

This week on the Slewfoot Hockey Show, we pay tribute to two great Canadians who had their lives cut short this past week. Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo were both tragically killed this past week and we as Canadians paid tribute to them and discussed the classy actions of the organizations in Ottawa, New Jersey, Montreal, Toronto, Pittsburgh and more to help support our country and pay respect to these heroes.

We discuss what was said on Coach’s Corner – we usually don’t have too many positive things to say about Grapes, but he was pure class and outstanding this past weekend. Here’s a link to what Mr. Cherry would like all Canadians to support.

Here’s a link if you would like to help support the families of Patrice Vincent and Nathan Cirillo:

There have been a few injuries to some key players to start the season, in Boston and in Chicago – find out what we have to say about that.

We also discuss the great start to the season for the Habs, so far the class of the East, as well as the not so great start to the season the Leafs are off to.

We discuss the creepy, yet hilarious commercials done by Jay Baruchel on the Montreal Canadiens fan website Check them out, they’re very funny! 

We thank you for listening, we appreciate it!

Slewfoot 4.3 – A Week of Experience

What can we say but wow. What. An. Experience.

We had the fortune of being selected winners in the #OldestRivalry contest put on by Mastercard Canada, where competing rivals of the Leafs and the Habs told about their rivalry through pictures and words. We submitted a little something about our show and were amazed and honoured to win.

We explain it all on today’s episode and share our adventure, which was an absolute once-in-a-lifetime incredible experience with you and yes, we did tend to go on and on about it…

We discuss the appointment of Chris Pronger to the NHL’s Department of Safety (conflict of interest anyone?) and we talk about the NHL’s 3 stars from the first week of the season.

Jeff laments about the slow start the Leafs had and Fred is cautiously optimistic about the Habs and their come from behind victories resulting in 3 wins thus far.

We thank you all for supporting the show and we look forward to your comments and questions.

Fred and Jeff



Slewfoot 4.2 – It’s Hockey Christmas Eve! And it’s Priceless!

It’s the day before the 2014/2015 NHL season, and it’s like Christmas Eve! Hockey Christmas Eve!

All the games start tomorrow, October 8th, and both Jeff and I will be in Toronto, at the Air Canada Centre to witness the Montreal Canadiens visit the Toronto Maple Leafs, courtesy of MasterCard Canada!

We were very fortunate to be one of the winners in a contest, the Oldest Rivalry Contest, sponsored by MaterCard Canada where the winner wins a pair of tickets to see the Habs and the Leafs play on opening night in Toronto.

So, it’s like Hockey Christmas Eve for us!

Check out the show where we talk about some new NHL Rule Changes, we talk about a hilarious video going viral as we speak – it’s the one where Vancouver Canucks Anthem singer Mark Donnelly does a face plant while skating and singing the National Anthem -check it out here

We also discuss the final roster to start the season for both the Habs and the Leafs, and to finish off the show, we discuss Podcasting. With National Podcast Day having just passed, we discuss why we enjoy podcasting and also talk about some of the great podcasts we listen to.

Thank you to you, our listener, for taking the time to listen to our show. We appreciate you!


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Honestly, we’re not going to send anything to you, email anything to you, or get you to buy anything from us. 

A) We’re both pretty busy and have another podcast (it’s right here if you want to check that one out…)


B) We just want to connect and have a cool community that digs hockey and what we do.

So, if you’d like to chat with us about where you’re from, why you listen to us etc. please drop us a line – the email address is:


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