Slewfoot 3.31 – It’s Do or Die Time!

It’s the Semi-Finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and as of right now, it’s Do or Die time for both the Habs and the Blackhawks.


Both the Eastern and Western conference series have been close, and there is plenty of time for the Hawks and the Habs to get back into these series. Can they? Only time will tell…both the Hawks and the Habs have to create more scoring from their top players, something they’ve been missing and subsequently, why they are losing the series. So yep, it’s do or die for both teams.

We talk about a few other things, such as who the cover player should be for NHL 2015, a very quick recap of the World Championships, and a summary of the Mastercard Memorial Cup that just finished.

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Fred & Jeff

Slewfoot 3.30 – What a Series!








So it may seem like a “Montreal Canadiens Heavy” show – but who can blame me.

After the last week’s competition, it was definitely worth chatting about the Boston vs. Montreal Series that was. What a great series, with a great result – if you’re a Habs fan!

We dig deeper into the rivalry that was, the comments made after the games by both teams and some of the amazing performances in that series.

We also discuss the upcoming series and our thoughts on who may have some success the next round, although we’re not exactly sure who that may be quite yet. We also discuss the dismissal of Ray Shero from Pittsburgh, as well as Dan Bylsma (apparently he hasn’t been let go yet, we may be ahead of what actually happened)

Finally we discuss the Memorial Cup in London and chat about some of the players of the four teams represented. It should be a great tournament, and if you have the chance, check some of it out! It promises to be a great competition!

Enjoy the show!

Episode 3.29 – The Return of Jeff & “Epicness”

In this epic Episode, Jeff is back and we have some great discussion about many hockey moments from the last week including:

the Epicness of the times of John Tortorella in Vancouver

the Epicness of the collapse of the San Jose Sharks vs the Kings (3-0 lead anyone???)

the Epicness of the 34th meeting in the playoffs of the Bruins and the Canadiens.

We also discuss how not to treat players in Boston, and we give our playoff predictions of Round Two.

Please be sure to send in your comments and your predictions to us and we’ll get you on the show! 

Enjoy the 2nd round!

Fred & Jeff