Slewfoot 3.28 – Playoffs in Full Swing

It has been an exciting start to the NHL playoffs with many great series in full swing.

First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to Frank Block, our guest host for this week. Frank joins us from a different time zone in Saskatchewan and is the author of “The Metro Prystai Story – Thank you very much for hosting with me this week Frank! (Jeff will be back soon, I think he’s almost over his Leafs not making the playoffs)

On this episode, Frank and I discuss the Habs surprise, but delightful dispatching of the Lightning in a series sweep, the actions of Matt Cooke and the discipline that came down from the NHL, and the early selection of Team Canada for the IIHF World Championships starting in May in Latvia.

We discuss the current First Round Playoff Series in the NHL and who may or may not come out of those first round playoff matchups. 

Once again, thank you to Frank and be sure to check out his website for this amazing project he’s working on!

We hope you’re enjoying the playoffs so far!

Thank you for listening, Fred, Frank (and Jeff!)

It’s Line In, not Line Out – Stupid!

So please ignore the previous fact, delete it from your device – IPad, IPhone, MP3 Player etc. 

The Audio from that show was simply awful. It seems that I am a Moron.

It turns out, when recording you need to plug certain things into certain areas, and that was not the case for this episode. So sorry to you, out listener that it was not up to our usual standards..and sorry Jeff, I know you had a ton of great things to say!

So in this episode, it’s just me, with the right things plugged into where they need to be plugged into, summarizing what we talked about on our last show.

Stay tuned for later this week when we talk more playoff hockey and how close we are to our predictions!

Thank you for listening!


Episode 3.26 – Playoff Predictions!

The NHL Playoffs are here and we have taken some time to chat about all of the playoff series happening over the next few weeks.

Jeff has some opinions about the hiring of Brendan Shanahan as the Leafs new President and Alternate Governor – he was a great player, but will he be a great Executive???

Fred’s Habs are the only Canadian team to have made the playoffs this season, so over the next few weeks, and hopefully months, he’s going to be exceptionally obnoxious until the Habs either A) Win the Cup or B) Get knocked out trying…

So here’s the picks we made for the first round of the playoffs:


Colorado vs. Minnesota          Jeff – Colorado in 6          Fred – Minnesota in 6

St. Louis vs. Chicago                Jeff – St. Louis in 7            Fred – Chicago in 7

Dallas vs. Anaheim                   Jeff – Dallas in 6                  Fred – Anaheim in 6

San Jose vs. L.A.                        Jeff – San Jose in 7            Fred – San Jose in 7


Boston vs. Detroit                    Jeff – Boston in 5                Fred – Boston in 7

Montreal vs. Tampa Bay       Jeff – Montreal in 6           Fred – Montreal in 6

Pittsburgh vs. Columbus       Jeff – Pittsburgh in 6         Fred – Pittsburgh in 7

Philadelphia vs. NYR              Jeff – Philadelphia in 6     Fred – Philadelphia in 7

Let us know your picks! Send us your thoughts about who will be successful this spring!

Thank you for listening!

Episode 3.25 – Playoffs? It’s Crunch Time Now…

So after an 8 game losing streak, Jeff’s Leafs are perilously close to missing the playoffs, which looked like a sure thing a few short weeks ago…

Meanwhile, in Habs land, a five game winning streak has the Habs up in 2nd place in the Atlantic – and very close to clinching a playoff spot for April 16th.

So what will happen in the next few weeks is anybody’s guess…will the teams ahead of the Leafs falter enough to allow them back into the race? Will Carlyle’s boys be inspired enough to make up the difference? Will Carlyle be around if they don’t make the playoffs?

Will the Habs keep up their steady play as of late and continue to have home ice advantage for at least the first round of the playoffs? Who will they face in the first round?

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as the exciting drive to the playoffs continue.

Thank you for listening!