Slewfoot 3.24 – A “Professional” Week

A great week for Shannon Szabados, the goaltender for our Gold Medal Winning Women’s Olympic Hockey Team! She made her Professional debut in Men’s hockey with the start in goal with the Columbus Cottonmouths. That’s right, the Cottonmouths (anyone else curious if that’s the worst name in Professional Hockey???)

We also talk about Alex Ovechkin’s chase for 60 goals, and his -29 so far. Will that get worse?

We discuss the 20th Anniversary of Wayne Gretzky eclipsing Gordie Howe’s goal scoring record with his 802nd goal – anyone know who that was against?

The Ottawa Senators completely blew it against Fred’s Habs Saturday night, a comeback of epic proportions, but a win is a win!

Jeff’s Leafs avoided a catastrophic situation situation with their goalies  and look to have their starter back soon.

We discuss the Terry Trafford tragedy at length and we offer our condolences to Terry’s family, his friends and the organization.


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Slewfoot 3.23 – Trades All Around!

There was a little thing that happened recently, you may have heard about it – the Trade Deadline.

While Jeff’s Leafs didn’t do anything at the deadline, Fred’s Habs did. We discuss all of the major trades that took place last week and what effect that may have on the teams that were involved. (including the steal of the deadline, Thomas Vanek going to Montreal from the Islanders – nicely done!)

There’s going to be some changes with viewing hockey next season due to Sportsnet’s new viewing rights – very exciting stuff including having George Stroumboulopoulos (that will be the only time I type that) taking over as host of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. There’s lots more changes and we go over that as well.

Give a listen and offer your feedback. We’d love to find out your thoughts on the trades that went down.

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Slewfoot 3.22 – Trade Deadline Week!

Now that the Olympics are over, and the NHL is back, let’s begin the Trade Deadline debates! 

With Buffalo and St. Louis already making a giant splash (with the move of Ryan Miller, Steve Ott off to St. Louis for Jaroslav Halak, Chris Stewart, William Carrier and a couple of draft picks off to Buffalo) does that mean that other teams are going to have to make moves to stay competitive with St. Louis? Is Buffalo done trading away all of their quality players to build for the future?

What about Montreal? Are they going to be sellers or buyers this deadline? They need to get bigger up front compliment their smaller, faster guys and do they look at keeping Andrei Markov and Brian Gionta?

What about the Leafs? Are they going to be down to one goalie from their tandem of starters of the season? What do they need to make it through a round or two in the playoffs? Or what do they need to help them make the playoffs? 

We have moved into our new studio, Hedgehog Studios, and are still ironing out a few of the details and kinks, so if it sounds a little off this week, let’s just blame it on a cold that Jeff is coming down with…and since he doesn’t read what I write, I can make fun of him as much as I want.

Send us your feedback and questions. We’d love to hear who you think will be on the move this trade deadline!

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