Episode 3.17 – the Strong Show

Hi Slewfoot Fans!

So we didn’t really talk about things that were physically strong, but we did talk about the strength of the Winnipeg Jets play under their new Head Coach, Paul Maurice.

We also talked about how much of “strong” showing the outdoor games had over the past weekend – exciting games with a couple of different and unique venues. (Dodger Stadium and Yankee Stadium)

Our Slewfoot Guest of the Week is Andrew Forbes, who is a Maple Leaf writer, and talks about some of the “strong” moves the Leafs may be thinking about at the trade deadline.

We take a trip to Group 1 of the Men’s Olympic Hockey teams and discuss the teams from Slovakia, Russia, the USA and of course, the powerhouse Slovenian team. (watch out for them)

Of course, we talk about the Leafs, the slumping Habs and some trade rumours around them, and how the Knights turned it around this past weekend!

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For more on the Jets, check out this great podcast: http://winnipegwhiteout.com/

For more on Andrew Forbes, check out his Maple Leaf Blog: http://andrewgforbes.wordpress.com/

Episode 3.16 – Everything’s Goin’ Crazy!

So they’re going crazy in Vancouver vs. Calgary!

They’re going crazy in Edmonton with the trades they’re making!

 The Canadian Olympic team has some crazy matchups coming up!

That’s just a few things we talk about on this week’s show. Unfortunately for Fred, he was dressed up in a Maple Leafs jersey – his unfortunate fate due to the bet he and Jeff made to start the season – since Fred is a Montreal Fan and Jeff a Leaf fan, after last evening’s game, and Leafs win, Fred has to wear the Leafs jersey during the recording of the show.

We break down and listen to Torts go on about his game against Calgary, we discuss how the move from LA to Edmonton may have hurt Ben Scrivens’ feelings over Twitter, and we talk about how poorly we can pronounce Finnish surnames.

Jeff again buries the dagger even more deeply as he talks about the Leafs recent winning ways. Fred talks about his frustration with the poor play of  the Habs of late and the sometimes recklessness of the much loved, but frightful PK Subban.

We touch upon an injury scare in London as well as the hopes that the recent losing ways will be done soon!

As always, thank you for listening!



Slewfoot 3.15 – Vegas, Olympics & a Blog!

Hey Slewfoot fans!

We’ve returned from 3 weeks of business including Christmas, New Year’s, 2 Outdoor Hockey Games in Michigan, and a fantastic trip to Las Vegas, home of the ECHL’s Las Vegas Wranglers. We talk to Ian Tasso, Account Executive and the Play by Play Voice of the Wranglers (@Tasso_Sports on Twitter)  about hockey life in Vegas, potentially the coolest city on Earth…


Some big news, the Olympics are coming next month from Sochi, Russia. We discuss who has made the Canadian Olympic roster and who hasn’t – it may a bit uncomfortable in Tampa Bay…

A big change in Winnipeg as well, Claude Noel is done as coach and is replaced by Paul Maurice. Can he turn things around for the Jets? We think he’s good for the team. If you’re interested in hearing more specifically about the Jets, give a listen to http://jetshockeypodcast.com for more insight from Marshall and Jeff Stevenson – I beleive they may be the biggest Jets fans on the planet.

Fred gives some insight about his Habs, Jeff talks about Leafs and the slide they’re on (Playoffs?) and we both discuss the current streak our Knights are on…not too pretty, but lots of hockey left.

Give us a listen and be sure to send your feedback!

jeff@slewfoothockeyshow.com or fred@slewfoothockeyshow.com