Episode 3.10 – Pickin’ Some Things

This week’s Episode of the SHS have the fellas discussing the Great One’s comments about whom he would select for the Olympics. They talk about who they have selected as their 1/4 Season Award winners, and why Fred is correct and Jeff is not. 

They discuss some of your questions on Slewfoot Sassback – keep those questions and comments coming, Fred talks about his Habs, Jeff his Leafs and then they talk about how the Knights have added some size to their roster with the long-awaited return of a Buffalo draft pick and a newcomer in a trade made earlier in the week. (see how he had a big impact on his first game here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpLH6gETch0 )

Remember, send in your picks for your 1/4 season awards – Coach, Rookie, Defenceman, Goalie & MVP. We’d love to hear them!

Thanks for listening! Be sure to listen next week, some great guests coming soon!

1/4 Season Awards!

Hey Everyone…

As the NHL season is about a quarter of the way completed, this week we’re going to discuss our choices for some different awards including:

the MVP

Best Rookie

Best Coach

Best Goalie

I know my choices will be different than Jeff’s, so tune in to see why my choices will be the correct choices.

Thanks again for listening!

Episode 3.9 – It’s “Best” to listen!

This week on the SHS, Jeff and Fred talk about some of the changes happening in Buffalo and how those changes will try to turn their season around. They also talk about some potential changes that the NHL GM’s were discussing during their meetings last week. The boys are very privileged to welcome former Toronto Maple Leaf goaltender Allan Bester to the show. Allan talks about his life after hockey as well as some great stories from when he guarded the net in Toronto in the 80’s.

Jeff talks more about the Leafs, Fred discusses the Habs and their week, and they also talk about a very successful Eastern road trip by the Knights.

We finish off the show with a new segment, “Slewfoot Sassback” – a chance for us to read some comments and questions from you, our listeners! Keep those questions coming!

Thank you all for listening!