Slewfoot 7.21 – What is a Lute?

We are back again this week and there are many things to talk about! We start our show with a discussion about the surging Pittsburgh Penguins – are they for real again? Will they be able to maintain their current pace and dare we say, 3-peat? 

We move on to the current standings and what teams are where in the standings. Is there going to be a shift in the standings? Are all of the teams currently in the playoffs going to remain in their current positions or will be a late season push for a playoff position?

We move onto what could potentially be a busy trade deadline – there’s already been a few moves and we discuss those moves as well as some trade rumours that are out there. Will there be a “flurry of activity”?

We discuss the unfortunate incident in Chicago involving Devante Smith-Pelley – there is absolutely no place for this in hockey, sports or in our society and we give our take on that.

We love the Olympics! We talk about what’s been happening with Team Canada and the great results we’ve had and what to look forward to in the next week. We discuss both the Women’s and Men’s hockey tournaments and who has been a standout in the tournament so far.

We end our show with some skill testing questions from some of our listeners/viewers – can they stump Dave? Tune in to find out!

Thanks for listening!  

Slewfoot 7.20 – Our Math is Good

The Slewfoot Hockey Show is back and this week it’s all about our great Math skills and the Olympics!

We start the show with PK and Brendan’s little spat from Saturday night – are we finally finding out why PK was really traded? Someone wasn’t playing nicely in the sandbox…we then discuss Vinnie Lacavalier and his career with Tampa Bay, Alex Burrow’s suspension which doesn’t seem long enough, the Maple Leaf’s uniforms for one of the Stadium Series games, the Islanders comeback against the Red Wings – and with our Math, it all adds up to some pretty good math.

We give an Injury Train update, our player of the week, and we introduce our newest segment, the Slewfoot Olympic Report. We talk about the good start the Canadians had in hockey, speed skating, snowboard super-flips, and moguls.

To end the show, we tell you what new and exciting events we would like to see in upcoming Olympics – you won’t want to miss this one!

Be sure to keep sending in your questions to Stymie the Slewfoot and we’ll ask those questions next episode!

Enjoy the show! 

Slewfoot 7.19 – If The Playoffs Started Today

Welcome back to the Slewfoot Hockey show and we have a jam-packed show on this episode!

We start the show by discussing what the return of the former Captain Mike Fisher, means to the Nashville Predators – will he help them get back to the Stanley Cup Finals and perhaps even help them win the Cup? Only time will tell, but it certainly doesn’t hurt…

We get into the Vegas Golden Knights and their new record – that keeps climbing. They passed the record of wins for a first year franchise and continue to re-write the record book with their stellar play. They look like the real deal and will definitely be something to talk about once the playoffs start.

25 years ago, the NHL received it’s first Commissioner – Gary Bettman. He’s been doing the job for 25 years now and we discuss what he’s done well, and what he did that wasn’t so great.

We then get into if the playoffs started today – a theme song without any lyrics…find out what the matchups would be if the playoffs began today.

We then get into who, from the teams that are not in the playoffs today, could be a trade candidate? Where could they go?

We end the show with another round of “Real Stat or Forget That” – if you want to stump or stymie Dave, send your questions to and if you stump him, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a prize!

Thanks for listening!

Slewfoot 7.18 – Frustratin’

We’re back for another week of fun NHL talk!

We spend the first part of the show getting to know the hosts a little better, find out some more details about what they’re all about!

It was All Star Weekend in Tampa Bay with lots of fun activities for everyone. Find out how your favorite All Star performed in the Skills Challenges on Saturday and in the games on Sunday – guess who won the MVP?

We move on to the latest Frustratin’ controversy in the NHL, the dreaded Goalie Interference calls…listen to our take on them!

We dig into the season that has been for the Red Wings and the Canadiens – find out what we think could happen over the next little while on both clubs to repair the damage that has been done.

We play some Yes Way, No Way to round out the show! Don’t forget to send in your questions to: feedback@slewfoothockeyshow,com for our newest game, starting next week called “Slewfoot Stymie” Try to stump Dave with a question and if you do, we’ll enter your name in a draw for some some Slewfoot Swag!

Enjoy the show!