Slewfoot 8.32 – Boy Witch

The Slewfoot Hockey Show is back this week and there’s lots of discussion about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Are the Blues on the verge of joining the Bruins in the Finals? Will the Sharks be able to overcome their injuries and force a seventh game in the series?

We also get into who might be in the Conn Smythe conversation. There’s been some great performances and we break down who might be the MVP of the playoffs.

We then get into a discussion about refereeing in the NHL and how difficult that is. What is the NHL going to do to fix some of the glaring errors being made this post season?

The IIHF World Championships are happening right now in Slovakia – we look at some of the players and teams that are playing and decide who we think will win the tournament.

It’s Memorial Cup time and there are 4 great teams vying for the title. Be sure to check out this amazing tournament as this is one of the best tournaments around!

We end the show by talking about a fantastic documentary: Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story – if you have a chance to watch this, please do. It’s an amazing story, one you’ll not want to miss.

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Slewfoot 8.31 – Jerks

Round Two of the Stanley Cup continues and there is no shortage of drama and fantastic hockey action.

We review all of the series that are still continuing – we have 1 game 7 happening, will be so lucky to have another two on the horizon? Check out our thoughts on the San Jose-Colorado series, the St Louis-Dallas series, the Boston-Columbus series, and the series that amazingly is already completed the Islanders-Canes series.

With all of the surprises, we’re sure hope there’s going to be more!

Be sure to tune in and find out our thoughts on these series as well as the news from the past week!

Enjoy the show!

Slewfoot 8.30 – Where’s The Blood Coming From?

On today’s episode of the show – Round One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs are complete, and with that came some amazing performances and shocking surprises. From Sweeps to 7 game series, 5 minute major penalties to overtime heroics, the first round was one that we haven’t seen in a long time, if not ever.

We review the last few days of Round One and the three game sevens that thrilled many fans and disappointed an equal amount. From Leafs disappointment to Bruins glee. Vegas frustration and lack of penalty killing to Sharks smelling the blood in the water. Carolina’s jerks came through magnificently while the Capitals reign as champions is over. These three seventh games were all tremendous with fantastic storylines.

We look at the second round series and who will be the players that have been bringing their best. We also choose who we think will win each of the series – be sure to listen to find out who we feel will win.

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Slewfoot 8.29 – The Top Lines

We’re back for another Stanley Cup Playoff Edition of the show! There’s been some great series so far, and to be perfectly honest, some huge upsets so far in this year’s playoffs. We go over each and every series and find out what went well and what didn’t go so well for the teams in the series. We move on to what happened in Detroit this week – they have brought back Steve Yzerman to be the General Manager of the franchise he played for so many years. What will he do to make that team better and how long will it take to make that team into a contender? We then discuss the latest nominees for some more NHL Awards to be handed out at the end of the season – be sure to check out this section to see who has been nominated for what award. Be sure to give us a follow on Twitter: @SlewfootShow, @SlewfootFred & @SlewfootDave Thanks for listening!