Slewfoot 7.7 – It’s Spooky Again in Here

Halloween is coming up again and it’s another Slewfoot Hockey Show where we talk about some spooky things happening around the NHL.
Today’s show kicks off with a discussion about how scary brutal the Coyotes have been and what we can do to fix that team. They equaled a mark of futility on Saturday night and it was very spooky. The Coyotes need to improve what they are doing as they should be a better team than what they are.

We then get into what the fans are doing in Montreal. Is it fair to them to be “Bronx-cheering” their team? Should they be careful how they’re treating their superstar goalie?

We then get into how the Canada has picked their Pre-Olympic Hockey team. Are the spooky enough to scare any other teams in that tournament? Or will they not be a very good team?

Alex Galchenyuk has had stories circulating around him all week – find out what they are and if there is any fire to the smoke being circulated around Montreal.

We finally get into a spooky version of “Yes Way, No Way” – Dave needs to win this to stay close in the standings, of which there are none, but can he answer all of the questions correctly? It’s so spooky, it’s scary.

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Enjoy the show!

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