Slewfoot 6.39 – Mary Fisherwood’s Future

The 2016-2017 NHL Season is complete with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Cup again. Dave and Fred are back and they bring you their thoughts on what happened the past few games, why Sidney Crosby was named MVP of the playoffs, their thoughts on if the Predators can make it back to the Finals next year and much more about the Final 6 games of the year.

We also chat about why every other sport is better than basketball, we talk about a coaching change in Florida, a change of ownership in Arizona, the odds for the Stanley Cup winners for next season (already) and much, much more.

We announce our winners of our 1st Annual Hockey Pool – congrats to Joel and Carl from the 4th Line Podcast for finishing 1st and 2nd and for Cole who took 3rd place. It was a ton of fun and Thank you to all who participated!

We’ll be back next week with a preview of the NHL Awards show and a look at the Expansion Draft as well!

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Combining the Preds & the Pens

Dave and Fred are back this and are reviewing what’s been happening in the Stanley Cup Finals between the Preds and the Pens.

It’s been a good series so far with it showing flashes of becoming a classic. There’s been some great performances and there will be many more before this series is done. Who is going to get the momentum in this series? Will it be possible to win a game away from home? Only time will tell!

We also discuss what happened at the NHL combine and who performed well – I’m sure you’ll notice that Dave was quite impressed by one player in particular. Is this a necessary event to have to showcase the new and young talent coming into the league? Or is it yet another event for television ratings?

Be sure to have a listen for all of these topics and much more!

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Slewfoot 3.37 – Finally, it’s the Finals!

Finally, it’s the Finals. It all comes down to this – the 2 teams that have outlasted all of the others. The 2 teams that have managed to scrape and claw and fight to get here. The Stanley Cup Finals are here and we finally have the 2 teams that will play for it all.

The defending Champions from Pittsburgh, the Penguins vs. the team that squeaked into the playoffs, the Predators from Nashville.

On today’s show, we review how each team made it this far, who to watch for during the series, who will sing the National Anthems, and who will win it all. 

We also play a game of “Real Stat or Forget That” the Stanley Cup Final Edition – stick around to see who wins this one!

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Slewfoot 6.36 – A Yellow Final?

We’re still in the 3rd Round of the playoffs and both the West and the East Finals have not been decided. Dave and Fred are back again this week to chat about what’s been happening in both series, who is getting hurt, who is doing the scoring, singing the national anthems and much, much more.

We give our predictions as to who will be in the Stanley Cup Finals – it could be very Yellow.

We also dive into what happened at the World Championships of hockey…yawn.

Thanks for listening, enjoy the show!