Slewfoot 7.15 – Happy Slewfoot New Year!

Happy 2018 from the Slewfoot Hockey Show!

We have a brand new episode this year from snowy Strathroy, Ontario and we are excited to be back! We start our show with a discussion of the World Junior Championship that took place in Buffalo. Was it the right place to have it? What was with the attendance? Should it not be held in a city that doesn’t have a junior hockey presence?

It was an exciting final between Canada and Sweden and we give you our take on the game and the hardware being tossed into the stands afterwards.

Next we discuss the upcoming All Star Game that will be taking place in Tampa later this month. We discuss who the Captains will be, who the Head Coach for each division will be and we talk about some changes that could potentially happen in the skills competition. 

We talk about the possibility of the NHL sending it’s players to the 2022 Olympic games in Beijing, our weekly look at what the Vegas Golden Knights are doing, a new segment where we pick our player of the week and then we end the show with another round of “Real Stat or Forget That” – you don’t want to miss it!

Thank you for listening! Enjoy the show!

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