Slewfoot 7.8 – Disaster for the Olympics?

This week’s episode of the Slewfoot Hockey Show begins with a discussion about the KHL and the Olympics and a possible collision course that will potentially see a very weak tournament next winter at the Olympic games.

We then get into the latest on the NHL’s greatest moments and what moments are left for you to vote on. Hurry! There’s still some time!

Our discussion about the Injury Train was interrupted by some breaking news, an actual trade in the NHL that sees Matt Duschene actually moving to another team! We fill you in with the details! And then we discuss some of the latest injuries in the NHL…

We talk about some great Drew Doughty comments, and then we finish off the show with another game of “Real Stat or Forget That” – can Dave go 5 for 5? Find out here!

Enjoy the show and be sure to send us a message or connect with us on Twitter! 

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