Slewfoot 7.14 – The Islander Arcade

It’s the Slewfoot Hockey Show Festive Christmas Spectacular Holiday Special!

There’s lots to talk about on the day before Christmas and we cover and chat about many topics including:

  • Players to watch during the World Junior Championships – we give you some players to look out for during the tournament.
  • Jarome Iginla – where will he end up? Is he going to the Olympic games?
  • What are some favorite things in Denmark? We need to know!
  • The Islanders have placed a bid for a new arena/ Will they have an arcade in the new arena, and if they do, what classic games will be in the arcade?
  • Auston Matthews is back for the Leafs. Who else knew he had a concussion?
  • The Golden Knights own the best Home record in the NHL. Is this a coincidence? Is the “Vegas Flu” a real thing?
  • We let you know what some NHL teams have on their Christmas list. What do they want to have to improve their team?

Give us a listen and be sure to send us your comments, questions and feedback to and Twitter – @SlewfootDave, @SlewfootFred & @SlewfootShow

Happy Holidays from us and thank you all for your support and for listening!

Dave & Fred


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